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Start-up as Udesignconcept, we supply custom-made event promotional items and corporate gifts all over Malaysia. Over the years, as we gain more and more experience and reputation in the industry, and has currently become one of the major suppliers in Malaysia, we decide to take one step further to initiate Minitank technologies, that integrate the cutting edge RFID and NFC technology into our custom-made products.

At Minitank, we are all about events and technology. We provide streamlined RFID and NFC solutions to integrate into traditional event ticketing, marketing and data collection approaches. Our missions are to revolutionize the whole event experience, and to build a seamless relationship between the event organizers and visitors, allows the organizers to gain unprecedented audience insight and full control in the event operational flow, while the visitors enjoy an interesting and novel technology, sharing their experience both onsite and online. We also aim to eliminate frauds and pilferages and to boost the event revenue through our specialized services.


Our multi-dimensional RFID platform consists of 5 different services working coherently: advanced ticket registration, access control, cashless payment, interactive engagement and social media integration, with all the data collected integrate into our real-time genius reporting tools, present you with all the information gathered from each service portal.

RFID technology is reshaping the live event environment and we are at the forefront. Whether it is a festival field or a sports event, a concert or an exhibition, Minitank technology is able to assist you with services designed and catered to your needs.

We also offers customization services on the RFID and NFC products (wristband, cards, keychains, tags) to ensure there is a purposeful fit of our products with your brand.






Minitank advanced ticket registration service allows visitors to register online prior to the event, provides event organizers with vital information about their target audience, such as their gender, occupation and age. With these information, event organizers are able to plan their event activities and offering to suit their target audience in advance of the event. Besides, with mobile number and email capture and also social media account connection, event organizers are able to communicate with visitors prior to the event, provide event updates such as arrival information (updates on less congested routes etc) and also event offerings, thereby attracts more people to the event and also enhances the brand awareness even before the event starts!

• Pre-registration online
• Integrated loyalty and incentive program to encourage advanced registration
• Social media account connection

• Gain deeper insight about your coming visitors in order to market and plan your event more effectively
• Connection with your visitors and enhance your brand awareness even before the event starts

Advanced ticket registration Photo



Access Control Photo

Long lines are a drag for your customers and your revenue stream. Overcome this by using Minitank access control service, which transforms event entry from standard tickets to streamlined RFID or NFC tags scanning. Using MiniTank RFID technology, the corresponding reader devices can effectively scan and manage entrances for a smoother flow and shorter queues.

• RFID or NFC tag devices
• Handheld RFID/NFC reader devices
• Scans in and out with red light (stop) and green light (go) simplicity
• Real-time head counting from all the access points

• Effectively reduces queue to minimum
• Save staffing cost by reducing the number of stewards and security guards needed
• Secure your event and eliminate ticket fraud
• Automated and real-time insight in the number and identities of attendees on site, saving time spent on patrolling and manual reporting
• Impress your visitors from the start by the streamlined and efficient entrance control
• Able to handle a much higher number of visitors



Our RFID wristband stores value, just like a TouchNGo card. Event goers can simply make the payment by tapping the wristband over a reader at a point of sale. This allows your customers to spend more conveniently. When it’s easier for them to spend, they can buy more merchandise from you! It has been proven that cashless payment systems increase spends per head by between 15-30% for general events. It also offers opportunity for organizers to cash in on unredeemed or unused balance.

• Instant top-up, cancel, transfer and refund
• Balance checking
• Real-time insight in all vendor sales
• Integrated loyalty and point collection system

• Fast and convenient way to pay, reduce queuing time by eliminating the process of exchanging cash or cards, hence making the customers happy
• Save staffing cost on event security, admin of counting cash and storing it safely
• Create a cashless environment, which effectively reduces theft and staff pilferages
• Fast and convenient transaction allows more sales to be made, thereby generates more revenues
• Real-time reports allow instant staff relocation to hotspot areas
• Enable tracking of spending behavior for each individual visitor
• Automated and simpler account reconciliation for all the vendors

Cashless payment photo

Interactive Engagement


Interactive Engagement Photo

Want to make your event more fun and interactive? Want your visitors to remember your brand better? Employ our interactive engagement service! Set up these interactive checkpoints around your event for visitors to collect stamp or points, redeem digital rewards, and participate in quiz and contests by simply tapping their wristband.

• Stamp or point collection
• Treasure hunt checkpoints
• Quiz and contests
• Digital rewards redemption
• Visitor feedback

• Create more interaction between your brand and visitors
• Added creativity and fun elements to your event that help to boost event attendance
• Creative incentive for visitors to engage with all the activities in the event
• Visitors remember your brand better through the amplified interactive experience



Turn visitors into your brand ambassadors! Minitank social media integration connects you to not only your customers, but also to their family and friends via social media network. Our RFID wristband can be linked to the user’s social media profiles such as Facebook and Twitter. Users can simply tap their wristband on various checkpoints around the event to share their experiences and excitement online, enforcing a unique viral marketing strategy.

• Social media accounts linked to RFID or NFC tags by
o Advanced registration or
o On-site registration
• Event check-in
• Like event pages
• Venue photography at photo upload stands

• Enhanced brand popularity through viral spreading of event message on social media network
• Organizers are able to connect with visitors (i.e. their target market) before, during and after event
• Minitank genius reporting tools let you gauge exactly where and how far your message is spreading via social media network
• Added social media value for event partners and sponsors





Our genius reporting tools receive real-time data from all the service portals, providing you with up-to-second information regarding every aspect of your event, from visitors to operational flow.

In terms of visitors, we give you a new, data-rich understanding of customer activity, to market more effectively, with advanced registration, email and mobile number capture, social media integration and loyalty programs. This allows you to know about your customer to a great, great extent; who they are, what they like, where they’s from, who likes beer over wine, who prefers Twitter over Facebook. With these information, you are able to tailor your offering and products to suit your target audience’s needs, thereby generates more revenues.

In terms of operations, we provide you with access to powerful data that helps you to make better decision about the allocation of resources, help you to determine what is important to make future events safer, more engaging and easier to navigate. Examples include:
• Capacity reports
• Scanning reports
• Visitor check-in reports
• Time specific reports to track visitor flow
• Hotspot areas

• Automated collection and compilation of audience profiles
• Automated collection of data regarding event operational flow
• Collection of data customized to your needs. You decide what you want to know and we collect the data for you!
• Generates both real-time and summary report

• Enhanced marketing strategies tailored to your target market
• Automated data collection reduces staffing requirements and eliminates manual data entry errors
• Real-time reports enable on-site incentive to be implemented; for example, discount introduced to boost the sales of a less popular vendors
• Summary reports facilitate comprehensive post-event revision by having all the event data collected and charted in a systematic and organized manner

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